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Maz Mashru started his career in Uganda as a keen photographer and then a photojournalist working for the Argus newspaper photographing many African Heads such as President Obote, Gen.Idi Amin, President Kaunda, President Moi in 1962. Along with many other ugandan refugees, Maz arrived in the UK in 1972 and having not been allowed to practice as a photojournalist in the UK, he shortly started working as a social photographer, opening his first studio in 1974. In the 1980’s Maz’s work started to be recognised by the photographic industry for its creative and artistic flair and soon after, received awards nationally for his outstanding work. Maz began lecturing and training alongside some of the world’s best photographers and was invited by many photographic institutes to participate in their activities. By 1990’s Maz’s work was recognised nationally and having trained alongside Rocky Gunn, Monte Zucker, Al Gilbert and other famous classical photographic artists, Maz’s skills began to be commended internationally with many of his images being published in the media for its excellence. Beyond 2000 and with the onset of digital photography, Maz completely re-invented and re-modelled himself and his photography to suit the emerging trends and lifestyles. His interpretation of light and shape in his images had become a rare talent for any modern day photographer by 2005 and his ability to create contemporary images in a classical fusion style won him much admiration and awards over the last decade including a Craftsmen Degree from Professional Photographers Association of America.

Today, Images by Maz is proud to be celebrating 50 years of success as we maintain the accolade of leading one of the finest studios internationally, bursting with creative energy and stunning quality. (for more information, read about our accolades)

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